Einstein Lighting

Nuclear Headlights

The World’s First 360° Adjustable Headlight.  3x Brighter than Halogen Bulbs.
Only 3.6 Roentgen… Not Bad.

Bring the Big bang
to your ride

Let There Be Light – That You Can See More Than 10 Feet Down The Road. Our Nuclear LED Headlights come standard with our Patented Z6000 LED chips. Upgrade your ride to it’s Max Brightness.
Let These Be Your Last Headlights.

Get ready

To Shoot those laser beams

Bright as F***

Call up Elon, because after you install these they'll think you're his next spaceship.


Life's too fast to wait to see the light. Nuclear LED Headlights have less than a 0.1s start up time.


Our lights could beat your dad's lights up in a fight. Wanna see how tough they really are? Buy them and find out.

Plug & Play

Just plug em in! ....Wait - Just plug them in? Yup just a click and a twist and you're ready to go!

brighter than...

Brighter than July 21st in Daytona when you forgot your sunglasses on the family vacation to the beach. Brighter than the flash on your 10th grade school photographer’s camera. Brighter than that time you decided to look into the projector lens.
Point is – we’re really bright.

Upgrade Your Headlights Today!