Color Changing
Rock Lights

Smart Underglow

Feels like You're Levitating

Driving with our Smart Series Rock Lights on turns a lot of heads in my little town. It feels like you’re a UFO that’s levitating and about to beam up some millipedes on the ground.

-Patrick from Maine

Get ready

To blast off

Bright as F***

Call up Elon, because after you install these they'll think you're his next spaceship.


Sick of the remotes? Lose 'em! Our lights hook up to any Android or iPhone via our Bluetooth controller.


Our lights could beat your dad's lights up in a fight. Wanna see how tough they really are? Buy them and find out.


Buy 4 now - and add more later! You can add up to 12 lights per controller and up to a bazillion lights per vehicle.

Crafted to perfection

Our Chief Scientists went in the lab with all our gizmos and gadgets, plus the highest quality chips, chassis, and wires to produce the
Brightest Rock Lights you’ve ever seen.

Your underglow will stretch from sea to shining sea.


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